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About me

Let me take your hand and show you a bit of my little world in the countryside of Germany with my three children, sheep, and goats, beautiful nature, lots of creativity and time to dream . . .


When I was a child I had so many dreams..!

When I grew up many of them where forgotten, others discarded, some fulfilled.


But my children reminded me how beautiful it is to dream, to play, to do and also: just to BE..!


So I started remembering the dreams of my own childhood again.


And now I'm trying to live them one by one and make them come true.

It is not always easy. But it brings back this sparkle of magic into life!


One of my biggest dreams is to make a living as an artist.

Be it with painting, music, filmmaking, writing or photography ...

Most important is to be free to express the soul so that it becomes so full of love that this love just wants to overflow and be spread through any kind of art, words, music ... directly into the hearts of those who see, read or listen to it...!

Maybe even to you..? Right now... reading this..?


If I can inspire only ONE soul to dare to dream again and follow his/her heart, then what I am doing was already worth it.

May you be blessed!


Love, Sarah


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