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Lost in the mountains of Switzerland

This year in late summer my children and I have been to Switzerland to visit my sister and her family.

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My children Jamina, Noah, and Soraya (in the middle) and their little cousins

We went there by car and had to drive about 450 km South, which took us about 4,5 hours.

My sister lives with her two children and her boyfriend in the middle of the mountains (the Swiss Alps) and we stayed in their apartment while we were there, for about one week. And it was a wonderful week!

Every day we went outdoors to go hiking and explore the surrounding nature.

One day we've been to a beautiful waterfall, that was close to the village.

Although it was very windy and cold we really enjoyed this raw, beautiful nature!

Another adventure was to go up a mountain in the neighborhood.

We took a gondola to go up the first 2000 meters.

And from there we started hiking and exploring the mountain landscape...

The children even found some snow here and there and they enjoyed it very much to dig around in the snow and to have a little snowball fight in summer.

Here are some photo shots of our hiking tour in the mountains:

So, as you can see, it's really worth to visit Switzerland and go hiking in the Alps!

This day could have been a fully wonderful day IF there wouldn't have happened something that suddenly turned the good mood into fear and stress...!

So what happened is that my son Noah climbed up a mountain and then just disappeared behind that mountain. My sister and I had been so busy with the smaller children that we hadn't realized how far he had already gotten.

When we saw that he was quite far away we called him to come back, but he didn't want to listen and just went further on.

Noah climbing a mountain on his way to find more snow

So I went after him while my sister stayed at the same place where Noah had left, with the rest of the children.

I walked and climbed as fast as I could and called out Noah's name many times as loud as possible, but I didn't hear any answer, neither did I see him anywhere.

I was very frightened that he could fall down somewhere. In the mountains, it can be very dangerous! There are canyons and glaciers and if one isn't very familiar with these surroundings, it's quite possible you can fall down somewhere and that indeed would have been the worst case!

So I didn't even want to think about it!

I just hoped and prayed that everything would turn out well in the end, that Noah would find his way back and that he would arrive back, safe!

And, thank God, after a long half an hour my sister called me on my cell phone and told me, Noah was back. Puh!

That was a day - my oh my!

After this experience, would Noah said he would never go up a mountain again, haha!

So the next day we really took it slowly and went just to the garden of my sister and to a playground, which was nice, too.

All in all, we had a great time in Switzerland and I'm happy we went there to make some beautiful memories to remember still in many years...

I also made a vlog about our trip to Switzerland.

If you'd like to see it, you can just click here:

Thank you for reading my blog and accompanying us. Have a blessed day!

See you soon, again!

Much love,


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