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Our Love Story (Part III)

A crazy, wonderful, life-changing year

Hey, my friends!

After parts 1 and 2 of our love story I'm now sharing the third and last part of this 'Blog-Trilogy'... I hope you enjoy it!


So, as I was telling you in my last blogpost already, there was a travel ban set up in Germany and mainly all European countries due to Covid-19 that made it VERY difficult or even impossible for people outside of Europe to enter a European country.

Days passed like this, weeks passed, and finally months... and as we followed the news, the situation just seemed to get worse day by day.

It was a very helpless feeling to not know at all what was going to come and when everything would slowly get back to normal.

All we had now - once again - was calling and writing each other and we didn't have ANY clue for how long our relationship was gonna be this way and when we would be able to see each other again.

But we still tried to make the best out of it, video chatted every day, created sweet Instagram stories for each other, wrote songs, and played/sang them to each other... and yet missed each other awfully bad..!

One time we were trying to meet in Portugal because the borders of Portugal were still open for Brazilians when in most other countries they were already closed, just like in Germany.

We arranged everything and it all seemed perfect although we both felt quite insecure if this was really going to work or not.

But I researched all kinds of information I could find about it, called airlines, talked with embassies and border policemen and as everything seemed to be okay we booked our flights to Portugal.

The day arrived when Fabio's flight was going to leave and we were both super excited!

His family took him to the airport in Sao Paulo. My flight would be leaving the next day since I just had to fly for 2 hours and Fabio for about 14.

When he was on his way to the airport I was so excited and nervous if everything would be working fine, I couldn't think nor do anything else than hoping and praying that he would call me soon and tell me, everything was alright and he's successfully checking in.

All the time I had this strange feeling in my guts that something would go wrong.

And then finally his phone call!!!

I was so happy to finally get a life sign... BUT... He didn't have good news for us. In fact, it was what I least wanted to hear: He wasn't allowed to fly.

And all because of a flight stop in France and a law that had just changed one day before. Normally the borders of France were closed for people without EU-citizenship, but a quick stop for travelers at the airport was still possible - until that day before when the restrictions were passed over.

I think this was and still is one of the most frustrating parts about the 'Corona-restrictions' that you can never be sure how things are. Today it's like this and tomorrow it can already be different, you never know, you can't rely on anything, can't plan anything... ugh!

So, this day was a day that both Fabio and I remember as a very sad one.

His family took him back home. And a few hours later there we were again: him alone on his bed, me alone on the couch, talking on the phone, instead of having each other in the arms and giving us a big, long hug, as we've both wished for so much.


Since we've already thought and talked about marrying before, we now started to seriously consider making plans for it, even earlier than we both thought we would. But due to this whole tricky situation, we found that this was one of the only ways at that time that could make it possible for us to see each other again.

So we decided to go all out and get married.

But that was easier said than done. German bureaucracy can be quite complicated even for German citizens. But for cases like this, arranging a wedding for a binational couple with one Non-EU-citizen was a bit challenging at some points.

However, that did not stop us from fighting for our goal to see each other again and be together.

So we both called and discussed with people, went to different offices, got papers and certificates, stamps and translations, paid fees and postage costs, and went to offices again.

When we had all the necessary papers they as to be checked by a court and we were told that this could take about 6 weeks. So we had to wait again...

About 4 weeks later I already got the relieving phone call: The papers had been checked and everything was alright! YAYYYY!!! BEST NEWS in a long time!!!

Finally, we had a perspective to see each other soon again and be together.

We started arranging his flight to Germany and this time everything should work out perfectly!


Love is not tourism, hugging couple, airport, reunited, binational couple
Hugging us for the first time after 4 months at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany.

You can probably imagine how happy we both were to finally see each other again after all the waiting and failing and fighting and finally succeeding...!

Also, my kids were very happy to see Fabio again. From the day he arrived, we only had about 3 weeks until our wedding date which we had to set up before so he was allowed to enter Germany.

Since we hadn't planned a big celebration, nor did we have the budget for it, nor would a big party have been allowed at this time anyway, we stayed relaxed about that and just enjoyed our time together.


On the 27th of August 2020, the time had come. We got married.

It wasn't a spectacular, glamorous event with lots of people, program, alcohol, and party... but rather a simple, yet beautiful day with some dear friends and my big family.

The only thing I'm sorry for is that Fabio's family and friends couldn't be there.

But one day we will hopefully be able to re-celebrate our wedding in Brazil with them!


To make our family happiness perfect, we are now expecting another baby too!

Those who follow my Insta stories do probably know it already: I'm pregnant again!🎉⁠ Baby Nr. 4 is on its way...! Of course, we're all very happy and excited about this little soul arriving to enrich our family.

I'm very happy to share this wonderful news with you my friends and I'm looking forward to sharing more of my pregnancy and birth with you.

I'm planning to have a homebirth again if everything is working well during my pregnancy. I've born all my three children at home and would like to continue this 'tradition'.

So... these were the most significant happenings during our year 2020 and of course, there has been Christmas and my birthday (yes, I'm a Sagittarius girl), and New Year!

But since Germany has already been in another lockdown again this time, we just celebrate it in a quite small family circle, very calm and cozy, just the way I like it. :)

I hope all of you had a wonderful year 2020 too even though there probably have been quite some challenges and changes for you, too.

I'm wishing you the best from the depth of my heart! Stay healthy and happy and full of hope, joy, and gratitude during this new year, too!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for all your love and support!

It really means a lot to me!

I would be very happy if you'd leave a little comment/feedback about how you liked my new blog post and (even more important) please tell me what you would like me to write about in my next blogposts!

Lots of love,


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