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The perfection in the imperfection

It's OK not to be perfect - thoughts in autumn time

Autumn is in the country and colors nature in warm colors, sweeps the leaves from the trees with its wind and bathes the morning world in silent, mysterious veils of mist.

But autumn does not only bring external changes. The whole mood of nature changes and its energy changes.

Basically, nature is a wonderful symbol for deep wisdom, which it can teach us if we are ready to look carefully and listen and, above all, to feel inside ourselves.

Just as nature slowly comes to rest in autumn and the sap of the plants withdraws inward, we humans also feel that it is time to calm down, take a deep breath and learn of the active, extroverted lifestyle we live in Sommer have mostly led to 'shifting down a gear' and to focus more on our inner life.

Now that the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, it can also be nice and cozy to sit inside by the warm stove and think about yourself and your life.

I, too, have become a little more thoughtful and reflective, as I always will when autumn comes.

Over the past few days I've kept catching myself wishing I lived differently because I felt like I wasn't doing it well enough.

We all tend to compare ourselves to other people and if we see someone on social media, for example, who inspires, encourages and motivates us, then that's certainly a good thing. But when we begin to idealize these people and to measure ourselves against them, then that can create a lot of pressure in us, because we then feel that we have to be like someone else in order to be 'perfect'. But being perfect - is that even possible? Does perfection exist?

Well, back to my thoughts first. I already wrote in my blog article Just do it anyway! about how important it is to me to be able to express myself creatively, e.g. in the form of photography, painting, music etc ... I also talked about how difficult it is sometimes to find enough time for it, next to all the other activities as a wife, mother of four children and at the same time a businesswoman.

There is so much to do every day that there is usually no time left for art and hobbies. But just neglecting my passions? That doesn't go well for long either! Because then I feel increasingly dissatisfied and depressed the longer I live with such an unwanted compromise.

If you don't do what you want from the bottom of your heart, you will always regret not having done it.

So the big question is always: How can I manage, despite the adverse circumstances around me, to take the time to do the things I love?

Well, of course very different factors and resources can play a role and in the past I have often made the mistake of assuming that people in my immediate environment could or should help me. But that was not the case. At that time I was disappointed with the lack of help and this disappointment even turned into resentment at times.

Today I know that this expectation was just wasted energy and that this negative way of thinking had weakened me even more. In order to be in my own strength and center, I have to take responsibility for my life myself and completely. Even if it can be difficult at times, there are always solutions - you just have to be willing to find them and not give up.

A simple solution, but at the same time it can be damn difficult:

Have the courage to imperfection!

Everything you do doesn't have to be perfect. And it will probably never be perfect anyway. There will always be people who complain about what you do or how you do it.

It has taken me a while in my life to realize that it doesn't matter to please everyone else. It's impossible anyway. But it depends very much on satisfying myself. Nobody else can know and feel what makes me really happy. So I can't expect anyone to help me or to encourage me on my way. Everyone is different and has different ways of expressing their soul. Everyone has different ideas about how they want to lead their life and what is considered meaningful and fulfilling.

So perfection is completely subjective and is defined individually by each person.

I believe everything that is made with love is perfect.

And it is often precisely the small 'mistakes' and bumps that make a work so perfect. Because that is what exudes humanity, authenticity and sympathy.

Let's be honest: who likes the perfect masquerade? Everyone has to struggle with bigger or smaller difficulties sometimes, that's part of life. I believe that we are all here on this earth to grow and mature. Small or even bigger missteps are quite normal. The only important thing is to learn from it. Then supposed mistakes and problems can even be precious because they give you the opportunity to grow.

Here, too, the nature around us is a wonderful teacher. When we look at the landscape, the trees and flowers, everything looks beautiful and perfect. But if we take a closer look at a few leaves, for example, we will see that they are all a little different and that none of them are exactly symmetrical and perfect. Here and there you will discover small irregularities and bumps, but these in no way diminish the beauty and perfection of the leaf. On the contrary: it is precisely these deviations from the norm that make the leaf something special.

There are certain regularities according to which nature is guided, but within these there is still room for individuality, which even goes so far that there is no leaf that is completely like another.

Everything is unique and perfect in its uniqueness or in its imperfection.

I think we can learn a lot from this, especially calmness and satisfaction with ourselves. We are unique, wonderful creatures, with all our peculiarities and supposed flaws.

Of course, that doesn't mean that we should stop developing internally. But we can do it with ease, joy, and serenity. We can be considerate and patient with ourselves instead of expecting to do everything as perfectly as we might have imagined. Because ultimately we are all here on the path to perfection. And this path takes time, patience and confidence. And we have it all the more when we are aware that perfection already dwells within us and is just waiting to unfold little by little, like a flower that slumbers underground in winter, only to break through the earth in due course and unfold its full beauty in the sunlight.

So, you beautiful soul, I hope I was able to convey a little courage, inspiration and serenity to you through this blog post and if you would like to chat a little with me about this topic or just say hello, then I cordially invite you to write a comment under this post. I look forward to having a little chat with you!



PS .: Here I made a video that contains parts of this blog and very nice, autumnal footage and exudes calm and comfort. Have fun watching!

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