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Welcome to my brand new blog!'s been a long way to come here.

girl in front of a waterfall in switzerland with camera photographer sarah eden
Hey you beautiful soul and welcome to my blog!

I'm SO, SO happy to FINALLY have taken this step to make it true: my own blog! Yaaayyy!

I don't know how many times I had already started to set it up and then discarded it again, because of all these reasons that came across..!

One thing is that it wasn't easy for me to get into the whole 'technical' stuff and to find a solution that really fits to me, but the bigger reason was that I thought, there are already SO MANY good bloggers with wonderful blogs out there that nobody's gonna read mine anyway...

So, how did it come, that I decided to start once again and still do it? - Well...

The need to be creative

Sometimes my heart is so filled with joy and amazement about this beautiful world that I just wanna share it!

First of all, I am and always have been a creative person and sometimes literally feel the NEED to create something to share with others, whether that's a painting, a song, a story, a video, handicrafted little things or a meal...

Creativity doesn't know rules or borders

Yes, you can be creative with ANYTHING - no matter what! And we all ARE in fact creating, whether we know it or whether we do it unconciously - deosn't make any difference.

beautiful girl in a dress sitting in a flower field on the grass under a tree
Nature is a great master and teacher of creativity

So, in fact: I'm starting this blog first of all as an opportunity for me to be more creative when it comes to writing - as a kind of practise in a way.

And to bring some of my thoughts and feelings 'on paper' makes me digest and structure my life better...

Get in touch

To know there are like-minded people out there can be such a relief!

The next thing is: When I was a child and also through my adolessence I've always felt kind of strange. When I just started to go to school, other kids would point their fingers at me (and at my twin brother) and talk and laugh about us, because we may have dressed a bit different. We also had a funny surname. And - we were so many children in our family.

I have five brothers and three sisters - so we were NINE children. And for many people this is just mindblowing and indeed very strange.

Since Germany isn't a very family-friendly country, many people looked down at us and treated us as if we were aliens.

At that time, all I wanted and longed for was to be 'normal', to be part of a community and not to feel excluded.

stone painting art

Only later on, when I grew up, I realized that it can be a good thing, not to fit in 'the box' and I started to be proud of being 'different' and to see the qualities in it.

I started to get to know like-minded people and it felt like a big relief for me, that there were other people who felt the same way as I did, who didn't quite fit in 'the box' as well and to get in contact with them and build true friendships.

Connect worldwide

Since we have the internet in almost every corner of this world, I think it's a big chance to get in touch with SO many like-minded people, that I just don't wanna miss out this opportunity to inspire others and also to get inspired by others!

This possibility to connect with each other, no matter where we live is such a wonderful thing.

And when it comes to languages...

My native language is German. As everyone in Germany nowadays, I leared English in school.

I love my language and I think it's such a poetic, rich and wordy but also difficult language.

So, since most of the people on this planet don't speak German, I decided to write my blog completely in English, so almost everyone can read and understand it.

This blog is YOUR blog, too!

As I already said, one of the most important reasons for me to start this blog is to CONNECT with other like-minded, wonderful, strange, alternative, weird, beautiful souls...!

So please:

Feel free to comment, to write, to share anything about you!

I wanna get to know you and can't wait to get in contact with you..! :)

My other activities...

I also wanted to mention that I am photographing, too - you can find my pictures on Instagram: @sarah.eden.official

And I am also making videos, which you can find on YouTube: Sarah Eden

So, at the end of this blog post I want to share my FIRST VLOG that I have already recorded a while ago (last winter to be exact) and there have been eight more following.

But in case you don't know my YouTube channel yet, let's start from the begenning!

I hope you enjoy watching it!

In the following blog posts you will get to know me better, little by little and I hope you'll like it and that I will get to know YOU guys little by little, as well..! :-*

Lots of love,


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