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Title: Forest Womb
Collection: Enchanted Forest (Nr. 3)

Material: Acrylics on Canvas
dark green, light green, yellow, copper, brown
40 cm x 50 cm

This is a painting which I love very much. As the title of the painting already indicates, it is visualizing the 'womb' of 'Mother Forest'.
When I go into the woods to take a walk, to meditate and recharge my batteries, I often get the feeling that not only has each tree some kind of soul, but also as if the whole forest is a being that has a personality.

And when I sit there in the middle of the forest, closing my eyes, listening to the birds and other little animals and to the wind rushing through the leaves of the trees, I feel so calm, safe and secure. I feel soothed and comforted by this kind-hearted 'forest being'. I feel like a small child again that can go there and just be as it is. A small child sitting on the lab of the forest. Or even a little baby being in the womb of 'Mama Forest'.
This feeling is what I wanted to express visually on this canvas.

Canvas on wooden frame:

  • High Quality Gallery Canvas - 400 g/m2
  • mounted on a wooden frame (sustainable forestry)
  • made in Germany
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