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Music for the soul

Pythagoras once said that even a rock is music compacted to stone.

What a wise man he was! So in fact: everything is music.

I love to express my feelings through music, to connect with my soul again by singing melodies that come to my mind spontaneously.

I love to listen to the music of nature and get inspired by it. And I just started to compose my own songs.

I've always loved music and so I learned to play the piano a bit, when I was a young girl. I also started to teach myself to play the guitar and the ukulele.

Some years ago I bought myself a harp.

I just LOVE this instrument! The sound is so airy-fairy, mystical and wonderful!

I have also sung in different choirs and bands when I still had the time.

After I became a mum, I didn't have much time left to make music.

But now, since my children are a bit older I started to make music, again.

When I was a little girl I always wanted to become a singer.

So I practiced with my sisters many times to sing polyphonic songs and we even gave little 'concerts' for our family and friends.

Now, since I have decided to finally live my passions and follow my heart, I want to come closer towards this dream of mine from childhood on, to compose and create my own music.

I love peacful, calm and harmonious music. It's the music that connects me with my soul again.

I love REAL music. Music with voices and real instruments. Music that tells a story. Music that touches my heart.

Many traditional folk songs and ancient melodies are resonating with my soul. Reconnecting me with my ancestors, the spirits around us and the heartbeat of mother earth.

So, I love to sing and play old, traditional folk songs from Germany (and we have many of them!) and also from Ireland (they have many, too), Scandinavia and other countries and cultures of this wonderful world.

I have already composed some songs and I've just started to work on a record. I'm so excited about it!

But being a single-mum of three, a naturopathy student and a multi-passionate artist, it is not always easy to bring everything together.

If by chance you would like to support my artistic work I would be beyond happy if you decided to become one of my patrons on the online platform Patreon.

It's a platform where self-employed artists can be supported.

You can get there by clicking here: Become a patron

I hope I'll get ahead with my music projects well, so I will be able to present you one of my original songs, very soon.

Meanwhile, you can follow me on SoundCloud if you like...

Thank you that you accompany me on my journey!



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