How my children and I spent this autumn so far with doing our favorite autumn activities...

When it comes to beauty, autumn and spring are my favorite seasons of the year.

I just can't get enough of these firey, saturate, warm colors and the many different shades of yellow, green, orange and red...

So, I'm all the more happy that this year we've had (and are still having) a quite long autumn season. And thanks to the much rain we've also had, many, many mushrooms sprouted here and there.

Since I love mushrooms, I was thrilled about all these many different little, big, round, filigree, tall, small, cute, beautiful mushroom buddies of all forms, shapes, and sizes popping up almost everywhere you look, outdoors.

So here are some of my favorite mushroom shots of this year:

Besides picking mushrooms we also collected autumn leaves.

My daughter Jamina needed them for school to make an artwork with it. I remember that I had to do this when I was in school, too. And I think that's a very nice activity!

I love those typical seasonal activities, when you appreciate what nature is offering you and use it either to eat/drink it or to make something decorative out of it.

I think seasonal activities help us to reconnect with nature.

The whole process of going outside to look for certain materials/fruits/nuts/mushrooms etc, and then collecting them, bringing them home, holding them in the hands to process them... all these actions connect us with nature and make us feel more as being a part of it, instead of being separated from it.

Something you can use very well for handcrafting is chestnuts. On one day my children Noah and Jamina collected many, many chestnuts. And since it was an inedible kind, they used it to make little handicrafts out of it.

They really enjoyed working with these natural materials

Another wonderful experience these days was to go for a walk around a little lake in a nearby forest. I've wanted to go to see that lake for a long time already, but somehow - I don't even really know why - it never happened until then.

So, I'm very happy we finally went there (my children and I), because it's a very beautiful and magical place and immediately after we arrived there I declared it to be one of my favorite places in the area.

Here are some of the pictures I shot there as a slide show:

These days I have also tried 'kulning' for the first time.

Kulning is an ancient Nordic herding call to call home cattle from the meadows where they grazed during the day. Women in Scandinavia used melodies with high pitches, so the animals would hear them over far away distances.

I first heard kulning from the Swedish artist Jonna Jinton in one of her videos and fell in love with it. And since we have a herd of sheep and goats and one cow, I thought I could just give it a try and look at what would happen...

And as you can see in this little video, the cow and the sheep immediately came to me when I started with kulning.

And that was really funny and fascinating for me because I didn't have any food for them with me and normally they aren't just coming like that. Only if they see that there is something to eat for them. But I didn't bring food intentionally, because I wanted to see if the kulning really works. And it does!

So this first little video was just taken with my phone and it's completely raw, unedited and was very spontaneous. A bit later I brought my camera and tripod to catch this again, a bit more professional:

So, now you're 'up-to-date' with what we've been up to, these days...

I hope you all had a wonderful, magical and cozy autumn-time, too!?

What did you do during autumn, so far? Do you have any favorite activities in autumn, any traditions, rituals, celebrations?

I would love to hear/read about your autumn activities, this year!

So if you like, just share it with me in the comment section, below.

If you haven't seen it already, here is my latest vlog, fitting to this blog, showing you what we've been up to, this autumn, so far:

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

I'm wishing you a wonderful rest of autumn, or beginning of winter (depending on where you are) and hope that you stay healthy and happy in spite of the cold, wet and dark days..!

Much love to you,


Updated: Nov 4, 2019

This year in late summer my children and I have been to Switzerland to visit my sister and her family.

My children Jamina, Noah, and Soraya (in the middle) and their little cousins

We went there by car and had to drive about 450 km South, which took us about 4,5 hours.

My sister lives with her two children and her boyfriend in the middle of the mountains (the Swiss Alps) and we stayed in their apartment while we were there, for about one week. And it was a wonderful week!

Every day we went outdoors to go hiking and explore the surrounding nature.

One day we've been to a beautiful waterfall, that was close to the village.

Although it was very windy and cold we really enjoyed this raw, beautiful nature!

Another adventure was to go up a mountain in the neighborhood.

We took a gondola to go up the first 2000 meters.

And from there we started hiking and exploring the mountain landscape...

The children even found some snow here and there and they enjoyed it very much to dig around in the snow and to have a little snowball fight in summer.

Here are some photo shots of our hiking tour in the mountains:

So, as you can see, it's really worth to visit Switzerland and go hiking in the Alps!

This day could have been a fully wonderful day IF there wouldn't have happened something that suddenly turned the good mood into fear and stress...!

So what happened is that my son Noah climbed up a mountain and then just disappeared behind that mountain. My sister and I had been so busy with the smaller children that we hadn't realized how far he had already gotten.

When we saw that he was quite far away we called him to come back, but he didn't want to listen and just went further on.

Noah climbing a mountain on his way to find more snow

So I went after him while my sister stayed at the same place where Noah had left, with the rest of the children.

I walked and climbed as fast as I could and called out Noah's name many times as loud as possible, but I didn't hear any answer, neither did I see him anywhere.

I was very frightened that he could fall down somewhere. In the mountains, it can be very dangerous! There are canyons and glaciers and if one isn't very familiar with these surroundings, it's quite possible you can fall down somewhere and that indeed would have been the worst case!

So I didn't even want to think about it!

I just hoped and prayed that everything would turn out well in the end, that Noah would find his way back and that he would arrive back, safe!

And, thank God, after a long half an hour my sister called me on my cell phone and told me, Noah was back. Puh!

That was a day - my oh my!

After this experience, would Noah said he would never go up a mountain again, haha!

So the next day we really took it slowly and went just to the garden of my sister and to a playground, which was nice, too.

All in all, we had a great time in Switzerland and I'm happy we went there to make some beautiful memories to remember still in many years...

I also made a vlog about our trip to Switzerland.

If you'd like to see it, you can just click here:

Thank you for reading my blog and accompanying us. Have a blessed day!

See you soon, again!

Much love,


Germany, the land of poets and thinkers, the country with thousands of castles and forts, the homeland of the Brothers Grimm and cradle of their fairytales, the land of old myths and sagas ... - but also the land of porhibitions, regulations and restrictions.

Am I as a native German even allowed to say that I love my country?

Haha, well, sometimes it feels like I'm not. But I don't care! I'm speaking up my truth anyway and I think everybody should be free to do so without being judged.

Summer 2018 in Bavaria, Germany

Germany is such an old country, so rich in history - and often it is forgotten that our history is not limited to the dark years from 1933 to 1945.

There has been SO MUCH MORE before that time...!

But somehow I get the impression that everything that formed our culture and traditions here, (before this dark chapter of our country's history) isn't very relevant anymore, is being forgotten more and more and will soon be faded away and completley be gone. And this makes me sad.

Why? Because the new generations are losing their connection to everything that our ancestors worked for and was meaningful to them.

And at the same time we lose a part of our roots and identity...

Who of the young people nowadays still knows for example about the old 'Nibelung Saga' that took place in Germany and is one of the most famous mystical sagas - not only in Germany. It was also written down in the 'Edda' the book of Norse Gods and Mythology in old Icelandic in the year 1220.

Icelandic students read and study the 'Edda' in school, even nowadays.

In Germany you don't hear a word about it, neither in school nor elsewhere.

Only some monuments and statues here and there are still reminding us of long forgotten stories.

On the first picture of this slide-show you can see Siegfried the dragon slayer. Secondly the 'Siegfried's Well' is pictured where he supposedly bathed in the drangon's blood to become invulnerable. And the third picture shows Hagen of Tronje who is throwing the Nibelung gold treasure into the Rhine.

Castle in Schwerin, North Germany, built in 941

This summer I've been to the north of Germany with my children for vacation and we've visited the city Schwerin and its' beautiful, romantic castle.

Experts say that we have around 25.000 castles, forts and ruins standing on nowadays German ground.

I like it to get to know more about the history of my country because it gives me a feeling of amazement what people were able to build up during hundreds of years, even without machines and the technical support we're having nowadays. And yet these old buildings are so much more beautiful, detailed, artistic and aesthetic than these cold, concrete blocks of modern architechture that it seems kind of weird.

I know that not everything has been love and peace.

The working conditions were surely much harder and more risky than today. And there was a big gap between the normal, rather poor people and the rich aristocrats - which is not so much different from nowadays situation to be honest, isn't it? ;)

But there's not only the cultural heritage on a material level, but also on the intellectual level.

Germany is the homeland of so many great thinkers, developers, scientists, poets, philosophers, storytellers, composers, musicians, painters and other artists that I won't even try to enumerate them here in this blog post.

Statue of Goethe and Schiller, two of the greatest thinkers and poets of the nation.
BUT: I won't get too infatuated! Many things in Germany can be very annoying, too!

There are SO many rules, restrictions, declarations, orders and borders, porhibitions and regulations ... that it can be quite a challange to get the permission to do the simplest things in life.

I've experienced that for example when I first started to keep goats and sheeps. You can't just go to a farmer, buy animals and let them graze on your meadows. There have to be taken many steps before you can do so and it's linked to so many legal aspects that it has become quite difficult to keep animals in the first place (not domestic animals that you keep in the house, but animals who live outside).

Same thing on many other levels...!

There is a saying in Germany that you even have to apply to fart. ;)

Another thing is the overpopulation of this country.

Just an example: we have an average of 232 inhabitants per square kilometer in Germany and compared to that, Sweden has an average of 23 inhabitans per square kilometer - that's a tenth of German poulation! And the United States for example have an average of 33 people / km2.

So, as you can imagine, you don't find an inch of land which is not belonging to somebody and we don't have much wild nature left anymore.

And yet, I love my homeland Germany apart from als the 'cons' which I cannot change. And I think that it's absolutely normal and totally fine to feel patriotic about your country, culture and traditions. As long as you don't deminish those of others.

On the contrary: I LOVE many other countries and their cultures and traditions!

I've been travelling to at least 13 countries so far in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Central America and even Africa and I never stayed in hotels, offside of the 'real life' of these countries, but prefered to either rent a room in little guest houses, to camp (if possible) or even to live in the house of a local family and become like a familiy member for the time of my stay and even beyond, as it was when i was in Israel for half a year, living in the house and with the family of a friend of mine which I first met in India.

If you are interested in reading more about my tavelling experiences, let me know in the comments below! I'll be happy to look for some photoshots and tell you a bit about my abroad adventures!

But for now, what I mainly want to say is that

EACH and EVERY culture is beautiful and awesome in its' own unique and special way!

Only when we realize this, we will be truly able to live and celebrate diversity and variety in a beneficial way for everyone!

If we lose our culture, we lose a part of that what makes us unique and special as a people. And I think this would be a pity!

So, through my artistic work, be it with making folk music, videos and blog posts (like this one) about our culture and traditions or by reading German poetry and fairytales to my children, or be it by taking photographs in medieval inspired dresses, which might also submit a bit of our older history and roots and transport a feeling of reconnection with it...

One of the reasons that motivates me to be creative is to contribute to the preservation of our German(ic) culture and to share the beauty of it.

At the end of the day: we are all connected and one in the essence of our souls.

Much love to you,



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