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Just do it anyway!

Often during the last months I have been doubting if I would be able to live my dream to work as an artist when I barely have the time to be creative..?

But the other question is: how long can I supress my passions?

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One of my latest paintings

It's like an inner dispute between heart and mind, arguing with each other.

Sometimes the arguments from 'one side' sound more logical and better to follow and sometimes the 'other side' would prevail.

More than just black or white

But the truth is: there is more than black and white. I guess I don't HAVE TO make up my mind with a fixed idea of how my future is going to look like..?

So I realized that the first thing I need to do is to let go is all these expactations and claims towards myself. Let go of the belief that everything needs to be perfect in order to be 'good enough'. And meanwhile I let go of these things, a lot of pressure fell off of me.

​Pressure I had built up myself.

Well, being a single-mom is not always easy, definitely not. There are so many things to do, to care for, to organize and to keep in mind. And the days are running by so fast!

And there are also my studies (Naturopathy) I'm dealing with - BUT: There just HAS to be some time for myself. Full stop.

I think if I would wait now again for the 'right moment' to do what I love to do the most, that moment would just never come ..?!

So, I'm doing it anyway!

Live like you were dying

Yes, sometimes we probably should just think less and live more! The way we want to.

And this is what I did this summer. Even when I didn't manage to keep it up until now - after all creativity needs inspiration, time and muse and that comes and goes like waves on the shore - but at least I dared to start again. And that fills me with joy and satisfaction.

I have actually made a little video about finding back to creativity.

Me and my children spent a beautiful day outside on the meadow where our sheep and goats graze. I brought a little table and many paints, canvases and brushes. So we painted all the afternoon til late evening. And not long ago I finished the picture that I started to paint in this video.

Maybe this video will motivate you too, to grab yourself some paints and just paint!?

I hope so!

Thank you for reading my blog!

This means a lot to me. I hope that reading this may have encouraged you, to to one of the things you love to do, but didn't do for a long time, because of all the other things, that needed to be done, because of the lack of time, because of... whatever reason.

Just do it anyway!

Lots of Love to you,


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